Stage 1 & Stage 2 Tutorials

These tutorials are designed to cover individual topics in a lot of detail. the main topics we cover are: Pathology, Binocular Vision, Visual Fields, Contact Lenses & Dispensing

Online Tutorials – only £20

In the recent months we have started to offer online tutorials, these have become very popular and so we have decided to include these as part of our core courses. See below to register to the available courses:

  • NEW! Visit 1 tutorial: Sunday 11th October 2020: Book now
  • Sight Test: Monday 8th June: COMPLETED
  • Visual fields: Tuesday 9th June: COMPLETED
  • Pathology Pt.1: Wednesday 10th June: COMPLETED
  • Binocular Vision: Monday 15th June: COMPLETED
  • Soft Contact Lenses: Tuesday 16th June: COMPLETED
  • Dispensing: Wednesday 17th June: COMPLETED
  • Sight Test: Tuesday 23rd June: COMPLETED
  • Pathology Pt.2 : Wednesday 24th June: COMPLETED
  • Soft Contact Lenses: Monday 29th June: COMPLETED
  • RGP Contact lenses: Tuesday 4th August 2020: COMPLETED
  • Visual Fields: Thursday 27th August 2020: COMPLETED
  • RGP Contact Lenses: Tuesday 1st September 2020: COMPLETED
  • Dispensing: Thursday 3rd September 2020: COMPLETED
  • Binocular Vision: Sunday 6th September 2020: COMPLETED

Face to face Tutorials – No dates currently available

One to one Tutorials – Available at your request, please contact us