Upcoming tutorials

Due to demand from our students, we will now be running more online sessions to help pre-registration students prepare for their Stage 1, Stage 2 assessments as well as OSCEs

ALL of our tutorials are open to any (university or pre-reg) student or optometrist, no matter what stage of your studies you are at

If you are thinking of joining our courses for the first time, we promise you won’t regret it😊

Handouts and NEW crib sheets will be provided after each tutorial

If you are unable to make our tutorial dates, we can arrange one to one tuition or you are welcome to purchase our handouts

We provide a programme of tutorials for those who started from September 2020 (Programme A) and a re-run for those who start from January 2021 (Programme B). Our exclusive package provides great value and covers our range of courses from Stage 1 all the way up to OSCEs.

These are based on the updated 2020 College competency framework


  • Sight test tutorial: Re-run: Sunday 27th June 2021 at 730pm 

Online tutorial including practical demonstrations on how to conduct a sight test for your Visit 3 and Stage 2 assessments along with tips and suggestions on how to tailor your routine.

Booking link: https://events.eventzilla.net/e/sight-test-tutorial-and-demonstration-2138811781

  • Visit 3 tutorial: Re-run Sunday 4th July at 7pm

A useful guide on how to tackle the competencies, including notes, tips and questions you may be asked by assessors

This will be a 2 hour + tutorial due the volume of content that needs to be covered. One not to be missed!

Only £35

Booking link: https://events.eventzilla.net/e/visit-three-tutorial-2138810027