Our Courses

We are one of only a few tutoring acedmies who help and support you through your pre-reg year from the start all the way up to your OSCEs.

We discuss real life case scenarios with you, focus on subjects that a lot of pre-registration students fail on. Give you tips and advice on the different stages of assessment, and most importantly give you confidence.

We guarantee you will learn something that you didn’t know before!

Here is a structure of our courses we offer to help you throughout your pre-reg year:

Stage 1 & Stage 2

  • Online tutorial £20
  • Face to face £50 – 2 tutorials covered
  • One to one tutorial £35

We cover tricky topics such as visual fields, binocular vision, contact lenses, sight test, pathology and dispensing

Stage 2 practical prep

  • One to one day course £250

This consists of observing a sight test, contact lens fit, aftercare and reviewing the overarching competencies

Stage 2 online course

Covering contact lens fitting and aftercare along with other scenarios which cover some of the overarching competencies. £30


  • Mock OSCE’s £160

This is our most popular course. We have groups of around 11 students sitting 10+ stations individually, with one to one feedback given at the end of each station.