Exclusive pre-reg package 2022: OA Optomise

NEW fully comprehensive package going live in July 2022!

We are excited to bring you a new package, bigger and better than ever before, with all our courses instantly available to watch at your convenience at any time and as many times as you want for 9 months from purchase  

Benefits of our package:

  1. Save over £150!
  2. Continual support from our experienced tutors
  3. 50% off and priority booking for Mock OSCEs (subject to availability and passing Stage 2)
  4. 50% off on any new courses we provide such as Low vision and Stage 2 case scenarios handouts parts 4 and 5
  5. Additional content that we create for our current tutorials will be sent exclusively to you at no additional charge
  6. Fantastic value on a comprehensive programme
  7. One to one help if required (at a discounted rate)
  8. Price freezes
  9. All courses available for 9 months from the purchase date, helping you from Stage 1 to the OSCEs!

To view our programme of courses, please visit OA Optomise

Contents of the package 

All of our tutorials and handouts will be included in this package:

  • Visit 1
  • Visit 2a
  • Visit 2b
  • Visit 3a
  • Visit 3b
  • Binocular vision
  • Communication and history & symptoms
  • Dispensing
  • Pathology 1
  • Pathology 2
  • RGP contact lenses
  • Sight test (including practical demonstrations)
  • Slit lamp techniques and contact lens complications 
  • Soft contact lenses
  • Systemic disease, medications and the eye
  • Visual fields
  • Stage 2 case scenarios detailed handouts (no tutorials will be run for case scenarios) parts 1-3
  • 50% off our Mock OSCEs (worth over £175) – they have been ranked as one of the best courses by students, giving you one to one feedback as well as tips/advice and an experience just like the real thing with actors/ examiners and volk mannequin
  • 50% off any new tutorials such as Low vision and Stage 2 case scenarios handouts parts 4 and 5
  • Please contact us to book this once you have passed your Stage 2 assessment

You can get our pre reg package price for only £600! (Saving over £160!)

Testimonials from our package students 2020-2021

  • Really useful both Wasim and Shamina are brilliant and really easy to understand! Easier to understand than uni lectures!”
  • “You are doing a great job. Please don’t ever give this up. I don’t know how I would handle my pre reg year without you guys.”
  • “I am delighted and over the moon with the news of passing my OSCE the first time (January 2022). I could not have done this without the support and resources Wasim and Shamina have provided as a package throughout my pre-reg year. To anyone having doubts of signing up, don’t. Your pre reg year will run so much more smoothly as Optom Academy have you covered each step of the way making the whole process of revising and preparing much more efficient and easy-going. I also definitely recommend attending the face-to-face mock OSCE, this gives you an experience to digest  and makes you more comfortable in the real OSCE. If you’re not on board with Optom Academy you’re truly missing out.”
  • “Thank you Wasim and Shamina for all of the sessions and mock OSCEs!! Don’t think I would have passed the OSCEs, well in fact pre reg without you guys!! Would deffo recommend the package to any new pre reg 😃😃”
  • “Optom Academy have been the backbone to my pre-reg. There’s so much to understand but Optom Academy have directed my learning so I know what’s important to cover, and the specific details I need to know. Super helpful for each stage, especially the OSCE 1-2-1 which took off a lot of my stress for the real thing. Can’t thank them enough”
  • “I’m so grateful to Optom academy for all of the help they have provided throughout my Pre-reg. Shamina and Wasim have always been able deliver clinical lectures while making them easy to understand, helping me to not only pass my exams but feel more confident as a clinician. They were also happy to provide one-to-one tutorials on requested topics. They are both extremely approachable- I am sure that I will continue to use their resources to further my clinical knowledge :)”
  • “Massive thank you to you both for all the work and time you dedicate to this course!! I’ve passed my OSCEs 1st time and this course definitely contributed to my success. The lectures are informative and break down the framework structure brilliantly, it is easier to follow and highlights key areas to watch for. On top of this, the handouts are superb!!! Well written and at a great level of depth. Really aided my revision and kept me focused. Would recommend this course 100% and will be doing so to all future pre regs I meet!! More than worth the price, would’ve paid more!!!”
  • “I cannot thank Wasim and Shamina enough for the help they gave during my whole pre-reg year! From the first visit one tutorial where I had absolutely no idea where to even start with revising, all the way to OSCEs! They gave so much help and guidance. Honestly would recommend them to anyone starting their pre-reg! Thank you so much guys!”
  • “All tutorials have been helpful, thank you”
  • “The notes, going through each of the comps for the visits, case scenarios, polls have all been brilliant”
  • “The detail of each lecture is brilliant and it’s really helpful to see how the information we have from uni can actually be used practically”
  • “I have found the tutorials and package very useful, as each competency is broken down and the relevant Information is given in order to learn. So far it has made the Pre reg year a lot easier.”
  • “The time and effort put into the courses by the presenters is amazing and don’t feel I would have been so successful in my visits without their guidance.”

Please visit our testimonials page for many more reviews on our package and courses

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