Upcoming events: Pre-reg tutorials

Due to demand from our students, we will now be running more online sessions to help pre-registration students prepare for their Stage 1, Stage 2 assessments as well as OSCEs

These are ideal for all stages throughout your pre-reg year and even for final year optometry students

Handouts and NEW crib sheets will be provided after each tutorial

We provide a programme of tutorials for those who started from September 2020 (Programme A) and a re-run for those who start from January 2021 (Programme B). Our exclusive package provides great value and covers our range of courses from Stage 1 all the way up to OSCEs.

These are based on the updated 2020 College competency framework

RGP contact lenses tutorial: Sunday 7th March at 7.30pm (Programme A)

This will cover the features and benefits of spherical RGP lenses and materials, RGP selection, lens assessment (in detail, with pictures) and final lens modification. Great support for your Visit 2 tutorial

Booking link: https://events.eventzilla.net/e/rgp-contact-lens-tutorial-2138814626

Systemic disease, medications and the eye tutorial: Monday 15th March at 730pm

Unsure what Lupus is? How does ulcerative colitis affect your eyes? Want to learn more about systemic diseases and how they affect eyes?

We will be going through some systemic conditions that patients typically present with – what they are, their symptoms, treatment and most importantly, how they can impact the eyes.
Ocular adverse reactions to common systemic medications will also be discussed. 
Eye-deal for any pre-reg or practitioner no matter what stage you are at 🙂
CET accredited (1 CET point) for OO and DO
Booking link: https://events.eventzilla.net/e/systemic-conditions-medications-and-the-eye-2138814821


Pathology tutorial part 1: Re-run: Sunday 21st March at 730pm (Programme B)

This will be covering management of patients using real life case scenarios of patients that attended practice, including flashes and floaters, papillitis and age related macula degeneration.

Booking link: https://events.eventzilla.net/e/pathology-1-tutorial-2138814627

A full list and description of our tutorials is available here

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