Student Testimonials

At Optom Academy, we have been going strong for nearly 8 years thanks to the success of our courses and mock OSCEs. Hear it directly from the students who have been through our courses and are now qualified:

Tara Pishgharavol BSc MCOptom, 2023

I cannot recommend this platform enough.

I started pre reg with a lack of knowledge and clinical skills. I know this because I was told this by my very own director at work!!!! – which looking back he was right about. I started to feel very down and depressed around this time due to this and I heard one of the girls at work was signed up with Optom Academy so I thought I’d give them a go. Optom Academy ended up helping me with EVERY stage of my pre reg.

With very intense revision using Optom academy tutorials and managed to do :

Stage 1 : passed in FOUR visits

Stage 2 : passed first time

OSCE : passed first time

I managed to go from a very weak pre reg to someone that was productively learning more and more every day, and passing my exams quickly.

I bought the FULL package and I couldn’t suggest it more

ANY question I had, at ANY time was answered by Optom academy – you don’t know how useful this is to have during pre reg.

Please consider them for your pre reg – it is worth the money when it means your pre reg will be a much smoother journey🤍

Thank you Wasim and Shamina, both of you have made such a positive impact on the past year of my life – you don’t know how much I appreciate it

Lauren McKye BSc MCOptom, 2023

Having graduated from university, I immediately jumped into my pre-registration year ahead of all my peers. Initially, I found the scheme for registration process extremely overwhelming, and the learning curve was so steep! With my stage one, visit one assessment looming upon me the extent of knowledge that was required of me per assessment indicator was unclear. I invested in purchasing the full exclusive platinum pre-reg package after Optom Academy was recommended to me by another newly qualified optom in my store. The package provides concise learning material on a vast array of topics and around the clock support throughout every stage of pre-reg. I owe Optom Academy for my first-time stage one, stage two and OSCE success! They have equipped me with knowledge and clinical foundations that I will continue to build on during my professional career. The package is worth every penny, and I cannot recommend Optom Academy enough! Thank you so much Wasim and Shamina for your unwavering support throughout my pre-registration year.”

Once again, thank you both so much for all you have done! If I can be of any help for you in the future, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Leanne Braudo  BSc MCOptom, 2023

I wanted to thank Wasim and Shamina for everything they did for me during my prereg year. 

They have not only supplied me with amazing, comprehensive most up to date notes with all that I needed to know, but they have always been available for me whenever I had questions and always came back to me with answers. 

Both Wasim and Shamina went above and beyond what was required and gave so much of their time to prepare us for exams. 

Thank you to both of you!!!! I couldn’t have done it without your support!!! 

I would have no hesitation in recommending you and your course to all prereg students! 

Isha Saghir  BSc MCOptom, 2023

Thanks to OA, my pre reg wasn’t as daunting as everyone makes it out to be and I’d highly recommend the platinum package to any pre reg starting out. From day 1 up until qualifying both Wasim and Shamina have been really supportive. The pre recorded videos and interactive tutorials really prepared me for my stage 1 and 2. They covered the key points for each competency and everything was broken down and explained properly. The mock osce was very similar to the real thing and the detailed feedback highlighted areas of improvement. Taking all the feedback on board, I passed my OSCES on the first attempt. Thank you so much!!

Aimen Abdullah BSc MCOptom, 2023

Massive thanks to Wasim and Shamina for all their support throughout my pre reg year. They always provide helpful content and give useful advice when going through how to tackle assessments and what to expect at each stage. I attended many mock OSCEs with them and they were all extremely beneficial in helping me pass mine. They’re also very easy to contact and to speak to. Thank you again for all your support during a tough year

Neena Aujla  BSc MCOptom, 2023

I used Optom Academy throughout my pre reg from the stage 1 visit quizzes to the mock osces and I would definitely recommend them. The content is clear and relevant making it easy to understand. Shamina and Wasim were very helpful in answering any questions I had also!

Sina Bayat  BSc MCOptom, 2023

Trying Optom Academy mock exams close to my OSCE exam was the best decision. The realistic and insightful mock exam immediately convinced me to book more sessions. The tailored and constructive feedback is invaluable and ultimately played a pivotal role in passing the OSCE. Looking back, I wish I had utilised Optom Academy from the start of prereg.

Junaid Khan BSc MCOptom, 2022

I am delighted and over the moon with the news of passing my OSCE the first time (January 2022). I could not have done this without the support and resources Wasim and Shamina have provided as a package throughout my pre-reg year. To anyone having doubts of signing up, don’t. Your pre reg year will run so much more smoothly as Optom Academy have you covered each step of the way making the whole process of revising and preparing much more efficient and easy-going. I also definitely recommend attending the face-to-face mock OSCE, this gives you an experience to digest  and makes you more comfortable in the real OSCE. If you’re not on board with Optom Academy you’re truly missing out.

Hayley BSc MCOptom FBDO CL, 2022

Thank you to Shamina and Wasim for creating Optom Academy. I am very grateful to have had this to aid my revision. The tutorials and OSCE are amazing and to a high standard. I have learned so much from them. I feel my knowledge has improved. I was able to pass all visits and OSCE first time. I would recommend them for your pre-reg year . They helped me through this journey, not only to pass but more importantly it’s helped me be more confident clinically.  I just hope they have CPD and further training for newly qualified Optometrist.  It is best to spend your money here improving your skills rather than wasting it on resits.

Dr Anna Ntola BSc MCOptom PhDOptom FBDO, 2022

A big big THANKS to Shamina and Wasim  for providing such an exceptional service and knowledgeable during my preregistration year. One of my university colleagues suggested Optom Academy after having completed Stage 1. I found their help so valuable, exceptional, and I wish I knew about Optom Academy earlier. Support from Stage 2 and more importantly the preparation for the overarching assessment, as well as all the preparation provided for OSCE exams were so valuable. I could not have passed OSCES first time (March 2022) if I had not received all their guidance and support.

Wasim and Shamina…hats off to you for being so professional at what you are doing!!! My knowledge certainly has improved and feels more in depth. Certainly, additional support is required during pre-reg, and Optom Academy without any doubt…is a significant source to consider!!!

I was a Mature Student with higher qualifications already, and my expectations were already too high.  Shamina and Wasim just exceeded my expectations!!! Thanks for making it happen Wasim and Shamina. And being there for my anytime…I can now use the suffix MCOptom!!! I do appreciate your constant support. Anna

Farzana Khatun BSc MCOptom, 2022

The Optom Academy course this year has been incredible! I have gained so much support from both Shamina and Wasim  through all of the stages of the Scheme for Registration. The handouts were very useful and clearly laid out and I genuinely looked forward to each tutorial as I learnt so much every time.

I feel like both have been there through all of my Pre-Reg, and each tutorial fit perfectly well with whatever stage I was on at that time. I knew I could ask them questions at any time of day and both replied promptly and supportively. I would strongly recommend this package deal to any student starting the Scheme for Registration as they will get you through your Pre-Reg every step of the way! Very much appreciated and I couldn’t thank them both enough.

Anjali Rana MSc MCOptom, 2022

I can’t recommend optomacademy enough to pre reg students!! Shamina and Wasim both helped me immensely through all stages of my pre reg especially the OSCE. I attend an in person mock OSCE in Birmingham and an online mock OSCE  1-to-1 session with Shamina and I can’t thank them enough. I passed my OSCE at the second attempt but all thanks to Optom Academy, I actually passed every single station 14/14 and scored quite high marks. I’m genuinely so thankful for all the support they provide to us pre reg students. Thank you so much Shamina and Wasim . Could not have done it without you guys 🙂

Patrycja Ratajewska BSc MCOptom FBDO, 2022

Big thanks to Wasim and Shamina at Optom Academy for all their support throughout my pre-reg year. I attended most of the online courses and the big mock OSCE course and I’d recommend both! As a hospital pre-reg I didn’t have any in house pre-reg training courses which some large multiples offer and felt I needed a little more guidance. The online courses helped me with that and I learned a lot. I found them especially useful in stage one but I also referred to the handouts when revising for stage two and the OSCEs. The stage two OA notes were very useful and I used them to cross check my notes and fill in any gaps in my knowledge.

The mock OSCE was great as it felt very much like the real thing, which gave me more confidence for the real thing, and the feedback was very helpful.

Lesley Stuart BSc MCOptom, 2022

I would thoroughly recommend optom academy. I have been engaged with their learning platform , tutorials and lectures since my final year of my Optometry degree and then pre reg. They have a no nonsense factual approach of what is required at each stage. The lectures are concise and clear and feedback is always available. The mock OSCE provision is invaluable. Thank you for providing the support , education and materials to progress through the scheme. It has been fundamental to my success.

Ammarah Dudhwala BSc MCOptom, 2022

If you’re a pre reg I would definitely recommend Optom Academy! The whole team is so helpful and your confidence just boosts after the sessions. The course taught me a lot, even the smallest of mistakes was picked up so I never was to repeat them. Shamina and Waseem really are kind people that just want you to do well during your pre reg so thank you so much! I would definitely say book ahead as the mock OSCE’s are 100% amazing and worth it! 🙂

Rasheda BSc MCOptom, 2022

Huge thanks to Shamina & Wasim for helping me through my pre-reg year! The stage 2 one to one session helped me a lot in refining my routine and I passed first time! The mock OSCE course was incredibly helpful as we were given a chance to complete different stations and then given 1 to 1 feedback. I knew exactly what to work on before the real one and passed first time round again! would highly recommend them to anyone who needs help navigating through pre-reg.

Sonal Yadav BSc MCOptom, 2022

I couldn’t imagine going through the Pre-registration process without having the help of Optom Academy.  Each tutorial is so detailed and well explained I found myself referring back to them multiple times through out my whole pre-reg, from visit 1 to OSCEs.

Shamina and Wasim are amazing!! They’re both so patient and the tips and advice they share is invaluable. The face to face mock OSCE is a MUST, it gave me the insight and confidence to be able to pass first time!!

Thank you Optom Academy!

Sofia Malik BSc MCOptom, 2022

I started pre reg 1 year after graduating and was lacking confidence. I decided to join the Optom Academy package group which helped me immensely during my journey. The online tutorials really prepped me for the visits so I knew what questions my examiner might ask. I could message Shamina and Wasim at any time with questions and they would reply promptly. I was aiming to sit March OSCEs but thought I would just give Jan OSCEs a try. The best thing I could advise to any pre reg is to go on their mock OSCE course, it really prepares you for the final thing. I also did the 1:1 OSCE prep with Shamina which really helped my confidence. I manged to complete pre reg in just over 1 year, and I definitely couldn’t have done this without Optom Academy.

Symran Jassi BSc MCOptom, 2022

Thank you Wasim and Shamina for all of the sessions and mock OSCEs!! Don’t think I would have passed the OSCEs, well in fact pre reg without you guys!! Would deffo recommend the package to any new pre reg 😃😃

Usaamah Adam BSc MCOptom, 2022

A huge thanks to Wasim and Shamina for providing a very thorough and true to life mock OSCE. The feedback was very insightful and I knew exactly what to do in order to improve for the real thing. The booklet they provided was a good revision tool, particularly the case history element as it broke down exactly what questions to ask for those stations.

Overall it provided me with a lot of confidence going into the real OSCEs because of which I was able to pass first time.

I would highly recommend this course for any pre reg.

Stacey Reed BSc MCOptom, 2022

Optom Academy have been the backbone to my pre-reg. There’s so much to understand but Optom Academy have directed my learning so I know what’s important to cover, and the specific details I need to know. Super helpful for each stage, especially the OSCE 1-2-1 which took off a lot of my stress for the real thing. Can’t thank them enough

Ridha Ahmed BSc MCOptom, 2022

I’m so grateful to Optom academy for all of the help they have provided throughout my Pre-reg. Shamina and Wasim have always been able deliver clinical lectures while making them easy to understand, helping me to not only pass my exams but feel more confident as a clinician. They were also happy to provide one-to-one tutorials on requested topics. They are both extremely approachable- I am sure that I will continue to use their resources to further my clinical knowledge 🙂

Charmaine Boii BSc MCOptom, 2022

“ Through my whole pre-reg journey, Wasim & Shamina’s tutorials and handouts has guided me greatly. Both of them are very patient & willing to help especially during the online interactive tutorials. The feedback & materials provided are very valuable and hard to come by as i can tell a lot of effort was put into everything they do! I would highly recommend this for any pre-reg trainees! “

Sidrah Shaikh BSc MCOptom, 2022

Thank you so much to everyone at Optom Academy. All the resources lectures and help you guys have supported us with have been OUTSTANDING. Not only has it helped me pass my OSCEs first time, it has genuinely made me so much more confident in my clinical absolutes! 100% recommend to everyone at any stage of Pre Reg!!! Thank you once again

Aishah Aziz BSc MCOptom, 2022

Thanks to all the help from Optom Academy, I was able to pass the OSCE the first time!

Their face-to-face mock OSCE session was amazing! The feedback they provided afterwards was really detailed as was the booklet they provided after the session. It left me feeling super prepared for the real thing.

The tutorials and resources they provide are always easy to understand, and their handouts are genuinely something I will constantly be referring back to.

Wasim and Shamina are both always approachable and always willing to help. I honestly cannot thank them enough for all their support and I highly recommend them to everyone doing their pre-reg!

Shahrbano Yaqub BSc MCOptom, 2022

I attended the mock OSCE course and it was fantastic to be able to experience how the real OSCEs would be when i had no idea what to expect

I greatly benefited from the one to one station feedback, it was direct, honest and helped me see what i needed to work on as well as being given a fantastic OSCE booklet which i relied on constantly to help me prepare for my OSCEs.

Thank you to Wasim and Shamina,  as thanks to what you taught me, i passed first time!

I have recommended Optom Academy to the new pre regs in my store, a must to succeed in pre reg, thanks again!

Haadia Ahmed BSc MCOptom, 2022

I passed my OSCE first time and it’s definitely with the help provided by Wasim and Shamima at Optom academy. Their mock OSCE was excellent and prepared me for the real thing. The bespoke feedback after each station really helped me focus my revision on key areas.

Not only that but they’re such kind people who honestly have our best interests at heart and want us to do well.

I would 100% recommend Optom academy.

Thank you guys 😃

Virginia Lo BSc MCOptom, 2022

Once again , thank you for Optom Academy for your unlimited guidance and support. It is unbelievable that I can complete my pre-reg year within 9 months! I’m over the moon as I am able to pass every single exam in my first time! Special thanks for Wasim in last minute support both academically and emotionally before my OSCE date! Highly recommend Optom Academy for every pre reg student.

Mohammed Karim BSc MCOptom, 2022

I’m very thankful to Wasim and Shamina for their help throughout my pre reg. Their sessions broke down each competency and covered information that was key to me passing stage 1 and 2.

The mock OSCE is invaluable as it gave me a good idea of what to expect, highlighted topics that I needed to work on before and gave me the confidence I needed to pass the OSCE. I really believe I wouldn’t have passed first time without their help.

Yanusha Kaneshalingam BSc MCOptom, 2022

Optom academy has helped me so much through pre-reg. I attended most tutorials starting from V1 to the final mock OSCEs and could not have managed without help from Shamina and Wasim . I passed everything first time thanks to you guys! Keep being amazing💛

Tasneem Atcha BSc MCOptom, 2022

I went to the mock OSCE course , and the feedback and the whole experience was really helpful.

I’ve also attended some of the lectures and found all the information given by Wasim and Shamina really helpful and it made my pre reg year a lot easier.

Also, the amount of times I’ve messaged them queries and they’ve not only responded but also responded immediately. Thank you!

Nikhil Chauhan BSc MCOptom, 2022

Thank you Optom Academy for your continued support throughout the whole of my Pre-registration year! All the clinical and examination pearls really helped and a couple of the mock OSCE stations appeared in my real OSCEs which helped me pass first time round! Would defo a recommend to future pre-reg’s 😀

Naila Jabeen BSc MCOptom, 2022

My pre-reg year like so many others was very difficult and stressful, more so than it should have been due to COVID. From the initial stages, to the OSCE’s, Optom Academy and their courses really helped and supported me through my journey. Both Shamina and Wasim go above and beyond for their students, I’m really grateful

Valerie Loy BSc MCOptom, 2022

Wasim and Shamina are both highly skilled optometrists with extensive experience guiding pre-regs. They would give clues and tips on what to look out for during each stage. The simulated OSCE training was also fantastic, allowing me to be prepared and exposed to what an OSCE is like. They also provided extremely helpful one-on-one feedback on areas where I need improvement. This course is highly recommended for all preregs! 🙂

Blair Macdonald BSc MCOptom, 2022

Cannot recommend Optom Academy highly enough.

When I first heard about them I thought I would try one of their tutorials for Visit 2, and it was so useful that I ended up doing more and more of their online seminars. The mock OSCE is a MUST- it gets you mentally prepared for an OSCE style exam with the pace and the feedback you get is excellent as well. Cannot thank Wasim and Shamina enough for all their help and advice.

Krishna Shah BSc MCOptom, 2022

Optom Academy have been incredible! The in person mock OSCE course was invaluable. It provided such a great insight of what the OSCEs entail and all the hints and tips were really useful, I wish I did it sooner! Wasim and Shamina have been amazing and I would recommend Optom Academy to anyone.

Saadia Osman BSc MCOptom, 2022

I would highly recommend Optom Academy! Wasim and Shamina genuinely helped so much and the mock OSCE really demonstrated a good insight as to how OSCEs are. Definitely helps with the nerves! Would like to thank you both once again for the support!

Mariya Makkan BSc MCOptom, 2022

Thanks to the team at Optom Academy for all their support throughout the pre-reg year. The zoom tutorials really helped to build my knowledge and skillset, resulting in passing visits and OSCE first time. The in person OSCEgave me such valuable experience , making me less nervous on the actual day. Would really recommend the Optom Academy packages to everyone, no matter what stage of pre-reg you’re at.

Jai Jandu BSc MCOptom, 2022

To Shamima and Wasim,

Thank you very much for all your help during my pre reg, particularly stage 1 where I used your guys content religiously. I’d recommend your guys service to anyone, especially being at an independent where a pre-reg academy isn’t always available. All the best x

Mariam Ejaz BSc MCOptom, 2022

I want to say a massive thank you to Wasim and Shamina for hosting such helpful mock OSCE courses and making lots of valuable information available through their online courses. The mock OSCE was particularly insightful and gave me an accurate idea of what to expect on the actual exam. I would definitely recommend optomacademy and their courses to anyone doing their pre-reg.

Sheenuya Sivalingam BSc MCOptom, 2022

I genuinely found the Optom academy mock OSCE incredibly helpful when preparing for the real OSCE! It gave me a good insight as to how the real thing will be and definitely played a massive part in helping me pass. Couldn’t recommend it enough.

MB BSc MCOptom, 2022

I have passed my January OSCE after attending your mock OSCE course, to which I am glad I attended due to a recommendation from a friend. I would encourage all those who are looking to sit the OSCE to attend as it is very helpful in understanding how to pass and teaches you where you can improve to gain the best outcome!

Amna Babar BSc MCOptom, 2022

The team at Optom Academy have been amazing. I did the face to face mock OSCE which has been really helpful. They provided me with quality OSCE material and tips to help me improve my performance. They took the time and effort to explain anything that I didn’t understand, and I would definitely recommend Optom Academy to everyone who is starting their pre-reg or sitting their OSCE.

Lucy Mann BSc MCOptom, 2022

I found the journey from optometry graduate to qualified optometrist to be a challenging time and Optom Academy was very helpful in bringing together all the information I needed at the right time, and bridging the knowledge gaps between uni and pre reg.  They gave me a much better, deeper understanding of all topics (even BV!). The lectures were also great at teaching me how to present my knowledge and demonstrate my skills in the best way to a college assessor.  This was particularly useful as my practice had never undertaken a pre reg before and being an independent store I had no other support. Mock OSCEs are an essential revision tool.

Daphne Tang BSc MCOptom, 2022

Thank you for helping me to pass! I went to the Manchester mock OSCE. It allowed me to experience what a real OSCE was like. Wasim and Shamina were very nice and friendly too! They picked up what my weaknesses at that day and guided me what should I focus on which were very useful!

Salim Alam BSc MCOptom, 2022

Thank you Optom Academy for providing one of best mock OSCE courses that are available. It gave me confidence and experience I needed heading into the actual OSCE where i was able to pass first time.

Luke McRoy-Jones BSc MCOptom, 2022

I would like to thank Optom Academy for all their help and support during my pre-registration period, for which I am very grateful. Throughout my pre-registration year, I attended various courses with Optom Academy, from Stage 1 Visit Preparation lectures, to tutorials, to Stage 2 preparation and finally a mock OSCE course. As someone who did their pre-registration period with an independent practice, it was sometimes more difficult to access good quality resources that were competency focussed for the Scheme for Registration assessments. This is where Optom Academy stepped in. Their lectures and courses are excellent and really helpful. Shamina and Wasim are very knowledgeable and experienced optometrists and pre-registration supervisors and this comes across in the delivery of the talks and also in the quality of the handouts and resources. I managed to pass all of my assessments at first attempt and I would highly recommend Optom Academy to peers embarking on the Scheme for Registration!

Hafsah Raja MCOptom, 2021

I am thankful for the lovely and clinically experienced group of OSCE tutors in Optom Academy , who enabled me to prepare well for my OSCE’s with their Mock OSCE session. Shamina enhanced my breadth of knowledge , she was very keen on ensuring I am proficient at detecting and managing retinal tears , which serves to benefit me for the remainder of my professional career.

Wasim was also very patient and approachable , he helped me feel more confident with the Volk Dummy eye station as well as BVD calculations .I’ve still kept a hold of the revision sheets and model answers provided by Shamina and Wasim as they were so helpful and condensed major topics like nerve palsies so very well !

Ria Thakrar MCOptom, 2021

I had spent the whole of lockdown shielding, and so was advised not to even sit the March OSCE. Thanks to the encouragement and advice from Wasim, I sat the exam and passed! Both Shamina & Wasim are experts in the field. Without the mock OSCE and virtual revision sessions, I wouldn’t have been in the position I am in today. I’m so thankful to them both & I highly recommend Optom Academy

Rose Woolnough MCOptom, 2021  I have just passed my OSCE first time thanks to the Optom Academy! Having being furloughed after stage 2 I was feeling out of touch and decided to go to the mock OSCEs in Birmingham to prepare. The OSCE was so helpful. It was completely COVID safe with scenarios and actors making it very like the real OSCE. Feedback was given which was invaluable. It enabled me to tailor my studying to my weak areas and really prepare for the real exam. I also attended a number of lectures with the Optom Academy all of which were very helpful and tailored to pre-reg. I found these helped not just with the OCSE but with day to day practise. Shamina, Wasim and all the staff are a wealth of knowledge and all very experienced. I felt like I have another tier of support, they’re always available to answer questions. It’s clear they are passionate and really want to help pre-regs succeed. Thanks again so much. You offer a wonderful service and I will be recommending you to future pre-regs. Thanks so much again guys. You’re the best.

Brooke Hutchins MCOptom, 2021  The OSCE course I attended in Birmingham was my first mock OSCE I did in preparation. I found it incredibly useful to have personalised and individual feedback for each station taken. It was tough, honest and fair, which helped a lot! In addition, the online lectures that you guys run have been excellent prep alongside the OSCE course for cementing my knowledge on particular topics  Would highly recommend Optom Academy!

Aisha Mahmood MCOptom, 2021

I want to thank Wasim and Shamina and the whole team of Optom Academy for supporting me and preparing me for my OSCEs which I have passed. I cannot recommend this team enough and the confidence that they had built up inside me helped me thoroughly. They are very professional with their tutorials and the mock osces was a very realistic and informative event which gave me an insight of what to expect from the osce exam. The team treats all students equally and helps to prepare you to not just be a regular optometrist but a GOOD optometrist.

Amy Oliphant MCOptom, 2021

Massive thank you to you both for all the work and time you dedicate to this course!! I’ve passed my OSCEs 1st time and this course definitely contributed to my success. The lectures are informative and break down the framework structure brilliantly, it is easier to follow and highlights key areas to watch for. On top of this, the handouts are superb!!! Well written and at a great level of depth. Really aided my revision and kept me focused. Would recommend this course 100% and will be doing so to all future pre regs I meet!! More than worth the price, would’ve paid more!!!

Nicola Alexander MCOptom, 2021

I cannot begin to explain how much Optom Academy helped me through every stage of my pre-reg. I work for an independent and didn’t have much support about the structure/ style of the different stages – I kept tripping up in the assessments until I reached out to Wasim, Shamina and Reena for their help. Literally the day I started attending their courses was the day everything changed in my pre-reg – I was so much more knowledgeable, confident and prepared. Their courses are super easy to digest and go through everything that you might need to know but in such a clear way – honestly, I wish it had been explained to me this way at university! On top of being experts in optometry and pre-reg, they are some of the kindest, nicest people I have met – and really go out of their way to answer your questions, encourage and support you. I simply could not have passed my pre-reg without them. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Taaibah Shakeel MCOptom, 2021

I cannot thank Wasim and Shamina enough for all their support throughout my pre-reg from my visit 1 in January up until my OSCEs in September. I attended many of their online lectures and took their advice on how to tackle each stage of my pre-reg. I passed every element first time, largely because of these two. They answered every one of my silly questions and have helped me become the confident optometrist I am today, Allhumdullilah. From attending the very first ‘intro to pre reg lecture’ to attending one of the very last. Thank you to you both for delivering all those lectures, even on busy and hectic evenings. These two go out of their way every single time to answer your questions. Such lovely people and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you.

Humaira Pandor MCOptom, 2021

Want to say a massive thank you to Wasim and Shamina for everything they’ve helped me with throughout pre reg! With the use of all of the tutorials I attended and the best part of it all the mock OSCE, I was able to pass pre reg in 10 months!! I passed stage 2 and the OSCE first time round and passed all 14 OSCE stations! Definitely couldn’t have done it without the help of Optom Academy! I would recommend every pre reg to attend the tutorials and mock OSCE! The use of college assessors and 1-1 feedback straight after the OSCE is so helpful in giving an insight into exactly what the mock OSCE is like! The booklet at the end given after the feedback containing OSCE information, tips and tricks gave me the knowledge I very much needed to know before sitting the OSCE. Thank you both so much for all your help!

Harjit Bansal MCOptom, 2021

I want to say a big thank you to Wasim and Shamina! Both have helped me from the very first day I started my pre-reg, by attending all of their tutorials, OSCE courses and even helping me 1 to 1 on things I was struggling with, it has helped me develop into a confident optometrist who is ready to tackle any challenges faced. Would definitely recommend anyone doing their pre-reg to do the Optom academy courses!!

Tasneem Ahmed MCOptom, 2021

I used Optom Academy for my OSCEs and their mock stations were brilliant. They used college assessors and experienced optometrists to provide constructive and in detail written feedback on a 1 to 1 basis after completing all the stations. Everyone was friendly and welcoming to the process and received a booklet at the end containing key points and information for OSCEs. If it wasn’t for this experience, I probably wouldn’t have passed 1st time as it gave me a chance to learn from my mistakes in this mock exam environment. Thank you to all the people involved with Optom Academy.

Zakiyah Rawat MCOptom, 2021

This course was very helpful. Wasim and Shamina provide immerse help towards the OSCEs. There are different courses available ranging from a mock face to face OSCEs to multiple virtual revision sessions on a range of topics. The mock face to face OSCEs really stimulates the real thing and prepares you for what to expect on the day. Feedback is also provided on each individual station to tackle your weak points. They focus on each element of the OSCE from communication to dispensing and practical stations; especially those typically stations where students are known to fail. I would definitely recommend this course to any pre reg sitting the OSCE.

Rhea Chuttee MCOptom, 2021

I cannot thank Wasim and Shamina enough for the help they gave during my whole pre-reg year! From the first visit one tutorial where I had absolutely no idea where to even start with revising, all the way to OSCEs! They gave so much help and guidance. Honestly would recommend them to anyone starting their pre-reg! Thank you so much guys!

Avani Bagri MCOptom, 2021

Optom academy have been such a big help to my pre reg year! I have attended several of their courses and the Mock OSCE which were all extremely helpful. I passed both Stage 2 and OSCE first time and Optom Academy’s overarching assessment booklet and the Mock OSCE definitely helped me to achieve this! A big thank you to Wasim and Shamina for all your help!

Mya Khurshid MCOptom, 2021

Optom academy have been fantastic throughout my challenging pre-reg journey. Their courses are very thorough and clear with competencies explained in great detail. They make everything easier to understand! I passed stage 2 and OSCE first time with their support. Their mock OSCE was very beneficial as it gives an accurate insight as to what is involved which helped me become much better prepared. Thank you Wasim and Shamina!

Amy Walker MCoptom 2021

I have just passed my OSCE (first sitting) and I could not have done it without The Optom Academy! I utilised both their online workshops and their live mock. The individual and personalised 1:1 feedback was superb and makes them stand out from every other OSCE page/company on Insta! Would recommend their materials as a pre-OSCE “must-have” for every pre reg optom!

Sib Waqar MCOptom 2021

Shamina and Wasim really provide great help towards the OSCEs through the mock face to face OSCEs. It really immerses you and prepares you for what to expect on the day even to the small things like changing stations. They ask you questions that assessors would potentially ask that you wouldn’t even think of and give great feedback on how to tackle each station. There is also a great array of stations i.e. dispensing and communication. I would definitely recommend anyone to do the OSCEs!

Amit Patel MCOptom 2021

The Optom Academy Mock OSCE was truly one of the main reasons i’ve been able to pass my OSCE in the first sitting. It gave a realistic insight into how the exam is set out and the 1-2-1 feedback given straight after was really helpful. I highly recommend this course to all pre-reg’s. A huge thank you to all of the team.

Mohammed Artaza MCOptom 2021

Thank you for the help with the mock exam and onnline one. I really appreciate it. Definitely made me realise my weak and strong points and gave me good areas to work on. Thank you, I really appreciate the help from you guys!!!

Manisha Sharma MCOptom 2021

Just received my OSCE results and found out I passed! So thankful to Wasim and Shamia for their mock OSCEboth online and in person. Also the online tutorials are really helpful, gave me a much better understanding of the more difficult topics. Thank you so much!!

Suhail Rashid MCOptom 2021

Just found out I passed my final exams today! Huge thanks to you guys. You’ve been a massive help, from the interactive group sessions to the 1-1 help you gave, definitely wouldn’t have managed it without you. You can count on me sending my future trainees to you guys

Hannah MCOptom 2021

Just wanted to say a massive thank you I passed today and I really couldn’t have done without you both, thank you so much for all your support and not judging me when I was being stupid haha!

Iffat Malik MCOptom 2021

I would like to say a massive thank you to Wasim, Shamina and the whole team at Optom Academy for being such lifesavers during my pre-reg. The tutorials and mock OSCE are so well organised. I have learnt so much from the tutorials and will always remember the tips and advice given by Wasim and Shamina. The courses provided by Optom Academy are of the highest standard and I would recommend every pre-reg optometrist to sign up for these. Keep doing what you do. You guys are shaping future pre-reg’s into becoming top-notch optometrists.

S.U MCOptom 2021

I just wanted to let you guys know I passed my January OSCE! Thank you for all your continued support throughout my pre-registration year(+). Whenever someone asks whether I have any tips, I make sure to always recommend you guys. The resources in terms of the hand outs (I still refer to the dispensing and visual fields notes especially again and again) as well as the actual courses themselves were so helpful. I knew from when you guys came to speak about the mock-OSCE course at university that I wanted to book a place on it and I’m so glad that I was able to. I feel nervous doing practical exams and so, doing your mock OSCE was so valuable because it was like the real thing and the one-to-one feedback really highlighted what I needed to focus my revision/technique on. All the best with Optom Academy and I hope to see you guys in the near future.

Ahmed MCOptom 2021

Thanks to you guys I’ve managed to pass  my OSCEs the first time round! I did the Virtual one to one mock OSCE as well as the face to face OSCEs and they definitely helped. I passed my stage 2 quite late and wasn’t left much time to prepare for OSCE…but with your help I managed! They both gave me a brilliant idea as to what I can expect in the OSCEs and how to deal with them in exam situations. And not just in the OSCEs, I use a lot of what I learnt in practice too! Thank you guys so much

Caitlin Redden MCOptom 2021

Optom Academy have been an invaluable help towards my pre-registration year. The tutorials were excellent, and Wasim and Shamina were so helpful in organising specific personalised training for areas I felt I struggled in, and all the tutorials were interactive and engaging. The mock OSCEs were an essential in my opinion for preparation for the real thing. The feedback gained from it really helped me work out what areas I needed to focus my studying on, and also it gave me a really clear idea of how the real thing would run. Thank you so much!

MM MCOptom 2021

I have passed my exams. I want to say a huge thank you to you all, you really helped me to focus and the mock OSCE  and tutorials are next to none. Thank you especially to Waseem, your teaching methods are clear, concise and to the point. Thank you all

Kirsten Wilson MOoptom 2021 Having Optom Academy’s online courses really helped my OSCE revision. The courses were filled to the brim with information and they made everything so easy to understand. They also answered all questions and gave follow up information in emails. I can’t recommend their courses enough, I definitely wouldn’t have passed my OSCE without them!

Farwa Malik MCOptom 2021

Just wanted to say thank you for all the support. the mock OSCEs and one to one stations proved to be really helpful. Couldn’t have done it without your help. Please give a big shout out to Shamina for being so knowledgeable and teaching me how to be rigid with people  Many thanks again

Siddra Naayab MCOptom 2021

I passed my OSCE! Thank you for all the help, it made my life easier in terms of targeting my revision in the midst of chaos.  If I do come across any pre reg’s I’ll let them know about Optom academy.

Dayana Shiji MCOptom 2021

Thankyou so much!! Your mock OSCE really helped to boost my confidence, I will definitely be recommending you guys to other pre regs!!

Bilal Saeed MCOptom 2021

Thank you so much! Just want to say a massive shout out to you guys Wasim and Shamina for the help during pre reg, the online seminars and the mock OSCE event were really beneficial to me.

Alice Homer MCOptom 2021

Hi Shamina and Wasim, I hope you are both well. I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your input and support. I passed the OSCE and felt the mock OSCE made all the difference! Thank you for doing what you are doing!

Tamanna Hoque MCOptom 2021

I am so glad I went to Optom Academy OSCE course. It really prepared you for how fast paced the actual OSCE exams are. I am so grateful to the tutors that sat down and went through the stations with me after. It really helped. Thank you so much to you all!

Anisa Akhtar MCOptom 2020

I would just like to say a massive thankyou to the team at optom academy for helping me become a qualified optom. After a hectic journey with stage 2 I was ready to give up on a career in optometry however, optom academy especially wasim pushed me to purse the journey of becoming an optom. The 1to1s are filled with so many scenarios & fine details which helped me pass my stage 2. The mock osce course really helped me prepare for the real osce as it was a real life set up which gave me an insight of how it would actually be. The individual feedback helps you to understand what your weak points are which is what every pre reg needs. After attending the mock osce I passed the osce first time. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Optom Academy. So a massive Thankyou once again!

Bhavik Gandhi MCOptom 2019

Hi Shamina! Just wanted to say thank you for your help and support I very much appreciate it! I got my results today and I passed! Thank you so much I couldn’t have done it without your help! My parents are over the moon and happy thank you so much again!

Jayesh S Joshi MCOptom 2019

Anyone wishing needing help for their pre reg I would strongly recommend optomacademy..very good case scenarios resembling actual osces and very honest I would highly recommend it..again thanks to the team for helping me pass my osces

Hanifah Akhtar MCOptom 2018

I took part in the stage 2 and osce courses. Both have me a brilliant insight on what to expect, especially the osce course. They were definitely worth it. I particularly liked the detailed handouts with lots of useful information about what can be asked for the competencies. They covered a wide scope to ensure we are prepared for assessors questions. The course instructors are very helpful and give all the information we need. I’m glad I signed up to the courses- they were vital to the success of my pre registration year. I managed to pass first time in January 2018

Sukhjit Kaur 2018 MCOptom 2018

Optom Academy is an excellent team of tutors who can help you pass your OSCEs. I found them very useful in guiding me on my weaknesses in order for me to successfully get through OSCEs. From group sessions to one to one sessions, definitely a course I recommend. You also get good feedback and a good sense of what the real OSCES will feel like.’

Mariam Bhojani MCOptom 2017

Optom Academy really helped me get through my pre-reg in 2016/2017. The lecture notes were extremely useful for all the pre reg visits for stage 1 and I still use them today as a qualified optometrist as useful go to revision. Shamina also helped me throughout my stage 2 by observing my sight test, CL fitting and aftercare and critiquing at the end what I can do better to improve. She gave me the confidence to pass and get September OSCE’s which I was aiming for. The Optom Academy OSCE course was also a great help. It was set up like a real life OSCE examination with different stations in different rooms with examiners. This was the best help for me as it made me realise what areas I struggled on and what areas I needed to improve on for my final OSCE examination. Without going to a mock OSCE like Optom Academy’s I wouldn’t have passed first time. So thank you! 🙂

Aesha Shah MCOptom 2017

Optom Academy Mock Osce course was one of the most accurate representations of the real College of Optometrist Osce’s. It was well structured and receiving one to one feedback from supervisors / examiners proved to be incredibly useful in helping me prepare for my exams. I would definitely recommend it to all pre-registration optometrists!’ Online tutorials “After how informative that was, i’ve booked myself onto all of them! I learnt more in that session than i head done in my clinics at uni :)” “Enjoyed today’s session thank you! Q&a was helpful” “To be honest, there isn’t much you could improve, really good, I’ve done it twice now and I think I wanna do it a third time :D” “I thought it was really good. Definitely worth the money. Especially the bit on drusen vs exudates with the diagram. Thanks guys :)” “Great quality, i look forward to the next ones!” Face to face Evening Courses ‘The course was very helpful – useful in understanding the cause of certain conditions and what to look out for’ ‘Really good, thank you!’ ‘Very informative, liked the case studies’ ‘Good and informative. Case scenarios are really good, very helpful that they are real cases and not made up ones’ ‘ I learnt so much, talking about the different layers of the retina was very useful, I feel a lot more confident now!’ ‘Brilliant evening and very informative!’ ‘Picked up lots of useful tips’ ‘Great ;)’ ‘Overall very useful…thank you!’

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