Student Testimonials

At Optom Academy, we have been going strong for over 5 years thanks to the success of our courses and mock OSCEs. Hear it directly from the students who have been through our courses and are now qualified:

Bhavik Gandhi 2019

Hi Shamina! Just wanted to say thank you for your help and support I very much appreciate it! I got my results today and I passed! Thank you so much I couldn’t have done it without your help! My parents are over the moon and happy thank you so much again!

Jayesh S Joshi BSc MCoptom 2019

Anyone wishing needing help for their pre reg I would strongly recommend optomacademy..very good case scenarios resembling actual osces and very honest I would highly recommend it..again thanks to the team for helping me pass my osces

Hanifah Akhtar, 2018:

‘I took part in the stage 2 and osce courses. Both have me a brilliant insight on what to expect, especially the osce course. They were definitely worth it.

I particularly liked the detailed handouts with lots of useful information about what can be asked for the competencies. They covered a wide scope to ensure we are prepared for assessors questions.

The course instructors are very helpful and give all the information we need.

I’m glad I signed up to the courses- they were vital to the success of my pre registration year. I managed to pass first time in January 2018’

Sukhjit Kaur 2018

‘Optom academy is an excellent team of tutors who can help you pass your OSCEs. I found them very useful in guiding me on my weaknesses in order for me to successfully get through OSCEs. From group sessions to one to one sessions, definitely a course I recommend. You also get good feedback and a good sense of what the real OSCES will feel like.’

Mariam Bhojani BSc MCOptom 2017

‘Optom Academy really helped me get through my pre-reg in 2016/2017. The lecture notes were extremely useful for all the pre reg visits for stage 1 and I still use them today as a qualified optometrist as useful go to revision.
Shamina also helped me throughout my stage 2 by observing my sight test, CL fitting and aftercare and critiquing at the end what I can do better to improve. She gave me the confidence to pass and get September OSCE’s which I was aiming for.

The Optom Academy OSCE course was also a great help. It was set up like a real life OSCE examination with different stations in different rooms with examiners. This was the best help for me as it made me realise what areas I struggled on and what areas I needed to improve on for my final OSCE examination. Without going to a mock OSCE like Optom Academy’s I wouldn’t have passed first time. So thank you! :)’

mariam pic

Aesha Shah BSc MCOptom 2017

Optom Academy Mock Osce course was one of the most accurate representations of the real College of Optometrist Osce’s. It was well structured and receiving one to one feedback from supervisors / examiners proved to be incredibly useful in helping me prepare for my exams.
I would definitely recommend it to all pre-registration optometrists!’

Online tutorials

“After how informative that was, i’ve booked myself onto all of them! I learnt more in that session than i head done in my clinics at uni :)”

“Enjoyed today’s session thank you! Q&a was helpful”

“To be honest, there isn’t much you could improve, really good, I’ve done it twice now and I think I wanna do it a third time :D”

“I thought it was really good. Definitely worth the money. Especially the bit on drusen vs exudates with the diagram. Thanks guys :)”

“Great quality, i look forward to the next ones!”

Face to face Evening Courses

‘The course was very helpful – useful in understanding the cause of certain conditions and what to look out for’

‘Really good, thank you!’

‘Very informative, liked the case studies’

‘Good and informative. Case scenarios are really good, very helpful that they are real cases and not made up ones’

‘ I learnt so much, talking about the different layers of the retina was very useful, I feel a lot more confident now!’

‘Brilliant evening and very informative!’

‘Picked up lots of useful tips’

‘Great ;)’

‘Overall very useful…thank you!’